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Project Description

About Kids Age Happ

Kids Age Happ is the latest app developed by Kids Age to access and enjoy the 3D objects digitally on your mobile phone.
It is based on the Augmented Reality (AR) technology where in you use the Kids Age Happ in your phone to scan the printed pictures in our forms/ newspaper issues and see them popping up on your mobile phone screen.
So download the Kids Age Happ and get ready to be amazed…

About Kids Age

Kids Age is the widest read monthly children newspaper for the students of Indian schools since 2006. Its motto is to contribute socially for the upbringing of students of all ages and to polish their intellectual abilities.

Cultivating reading habits in young children has been the prime mission of Kids Age.

Kids Age is known for bringing innovations in its editions every year. This makes it the most unique and for the same reason it has been awarded by Limca Book of Records, Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records for being the most innovative newspaper.

Extremely popular among school kids with over 5Lakh+ subscribers across India…

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